Our primary distinguishing asset is our talent. Mont Avenir offers individuals who interested in a dynamic and creative environment a compelling career opportunity. Our culture of respect, excellence and collegiality give us confidence in our ability to achieve success. Our flat structure, and hands-on learning model enable us to exchange ideas, collaborate and work successfully as a unified firm.

Growth and Opportunity

Mont Avenir remains as a boutique investment bank as comparing with other investment banks. This offers many benefits to Mont Avenir’s people, including direct exposure to our group of highly experienced professionals and prestigious client base. Our flat organizational structure and small deal team model encourage our people to assume as much responsibility as their experience and talent warrant.

Differentiated Capabilities

We are dedicated to providing our clients with trusted, independent, and innovative advice to achieve superior results. We advise on equity financing, debt financing, mergers & acquisitions and restructurings across all major industry sectors.